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Hydraulic CNC ShearingMachine

release time:2016-03-29


  General View

  HACOL hydraulic CNC shearing machine / cutting machine
  Controller: E200 CNC control system

  Basic features
  ? Hydraulic transmission,swing blade holder
  ? Strong and durable integral welded frame
  ? E200 CNC system brings the cutting solution with quick speed and fine accuracy,while with reliability and great cost performance

  ? Shadow line lighting
  ? Full or short stroke adjustment of blade holder to achieve high efficiency and productivity
  ? Foot switch for operation with emergency stop   
  ? Blades with high tensile strength for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel
  ? Indicator-based adjustment of blades clearance is easy, convenient and swift
  ? Emergency stops on machine and foot switch, ensuring labor safety at every place
  ? Hydraulics of reputable brand is used for reliability

  ? Customized power connection voltage, such as 3phase, 220V, 60Hz in South Ameirca,etc

  ? Bite type tube fittings,connector of cutting sleeve type,to avoid the traditional way of welding of not easy maintenance etc.

  Shearing machine optional elements
  Cut piece sliding slope

Light curtain for hand safety

  Specifications of the Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

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